Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 🍋

Rachel Wenger Recipe

There's nothing quite like a fresh glass of old fashioned ice cold homemade lemonade on a hot summery day! The best part? It's super easy-peasy to make fresh and way better than the powdered stuff! 

Step 1: Warm 2 lemons in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. This will assure you get as much juice out of them as possible! 

Step 2: Cut lemons in half and squeeze out as much juice as possible. I'm all about my old school glass juicer, but this one would work just as fine! Once juiced, strain pulp and seeds (optional). 

Step 3: Dissolve sugar by combining it with 1 cup warm water. Pour into pitcher and add your lemon juice. Stir in cold water and ice cubes.  

Step 4: Cutting your last lemon, top pitcher with slices or add wedges to rims of glasses (optional).

Step 5: Enjoy! 

Super easy peasy, lemon squeezy... right?!  🍋

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Grab the printable version here. 


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